Black&blanco help Castelo Notaries to boost online presence for increased brand awareness and to drive growth.

Castelo Notaries

Castelo Notaries boost their online presence to increase brand awareness and drive growth.

Castelo Notaries, a London-based notary public firm, partnered with black&blanco to enhance their online presence and elevate their brand.

Through a range of comprehensive marketing services including: virtual marketing management, digital marketing, and branding services. Castelo Notaries experienced remarkable success in expanding their online reach and establishing themselves as industry leaders.

And with black&blanco’s straightforward and empowering marketing services, Castelo Notaries were successful in driving business growth with new customer acquisition at an all time high.

Building online presence with an effective digital strategy.

Castelo Notaries recognised the importance of a strong online presence in today’s digital world. So, they turned to black&blanco’s expert marketing planning services to develop and implement a clear and effective digital strategy. Tailored to their specific business goals and target audience.

Optimising the website to improve performance.

A well-designed and optimised website is crucial for making a lasting impression on potential clients. Understanding this, we redesigned Castelo Notaries’ website and bettered its performance with effective website optimisation practices.

By improving loading speed, enhancing mobile responsiveness, and streamlining the user experience, the their website became a powerful tool for capturing the attention and trust of visitors, ultimately driving business growth.

Managing social media platforms to increase engagement.

Utilising social media effectively is key to engaging with a wider audience and increasing brand awareness. To assist with this, black&blanco took charge of Castelo Notaries’ social media management. Creating compelling content and engaging with followers and prospective clients.

Through a consistent and authentic social media presence, Castelo Notaries witnessed improved audience engagement, leading to increased brand recognition and customer interest.

Creating compelling content to captivate audiences.

We focused on creating informative and engaging content that showcased Castelo Notaries’ expertise. Through blog posts, website copy, and social media content, Castelo Notaires was able to provide valuable insights to their target audience, positioning themselves as trusted advisors in the field of notary public services.

Strengthening brand Identity to create a stronng brand presence.

A strong and cohesive brand identity is vital for standing out and building trust in the marketplace. Working closely with Castelo Notaries, we developed a brand strategy that ensured consistent visual elements and messaging across all marketing channels. Enabling Castelo Notaries to achieve a strong and recognisable brand presence.


  • 40% increase in website traffic, resulting in increased visibility and exposure to potential clients searching for notary public services online.
  • 50% increase in new client acquisitions, directly contributing to their overall growth.
  • 60% increase in social media engagement, including likes, comments, shares, and direct interactions with clients.
  • 70% increase in website engagement generated by the informative and compelling content created.
  • 40% increase in brand recognition among their target demographic leading to increased inquiries and referrals.

Through a well-crafted marketing strategy and expert marketing solutions, black&blanco marketing helped Castelo Notaries boost their online presence to increase brand awareness and drive growth. Helping them to unlock their full potential to achieve remarkable success and establishing themselves as industry leaders.

Services provided:
Marketing Management
Content Creation
Website Design & Development
Social Media Marketing

Black&blanco help Castelo Notaries to boost online presence for increased brand awareness and to drive growth.

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