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Express Plans

Express Plans appoint black&blanco to enhance their online presence and develop effective Google ad campaigns.

Express Plans, a trusted architectural planning services company, recently appointed black&blanco as their marketing partner of choice to enhance their online marketing efforts and to develop effective online advertising campaigns.

Providing virtual marketing management support and a range of services, including website hosting and maintenance, content creation, and online advertising (PPC) services, black&blanco endeavour to improve Express Plans’ overall marketing performance, and generate high quality leads that drive sales.

Areas of Support

  • Virtual Marketing Management: expert virtual marketing management services to handle and coordinate the various marketing aspects. Includes strategic planning, campaign execution, and performance analysis.
  • Website Maintenance and Hosting: taking charge of maintaining and hosting Express Plans’ website. By ensuring its smooth operation, timely updates, and efficient hosting, we enable a seamless user experience and improved website performance.
  • Website Content Creation: creating informative, seo website content to ensure the website effectively showcases Express Plans’ services and expertise. Through strategic content development, our aim is to attract and engage the target audience, ultimately leading to increased conversions.
  • Online Google Ads: designing and executing online advertising campaigns for Express Plans using Google Ads. By targeting relevant keywords and optimising ad performance, our aim is to drive quality traffic to the website, and generate leads for the architectural planning services offered by Express Plans.

Services provided:
Marketing Management
Content Creation
Website Hosting & Maintenance
Google Ads Management

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