KCC Group redefine their marketing approach.

KCC Group

KCC Group achieve remarkable growth with black&blanco as their marketing partner of choice.

KCC Group, a market leading building solutions provider, recently outlined their strategic growth plans and recognised the need to redefine their marketing approach to stay competitive. They sought an experienced marketing consultant who could provide strategic guidance, as well as expert marketing services.

After numerous meetings and discussions, KCC Group selected black&blanco as their trusted marketing partner. We designed a comprehensive and tailored marketing strategy to elevate the KCC Group brand and drive sales. The strategic roadmap included a full suite of integrated marketing services, including digital marketing, content creation and marketing communications.

Through our expertise in marketing planning and the seamless implementation of our comprehensive marketing services, KCC Group experienced transformative changes in various areas, including website performance, Google ranking, and customer engagement.

Our partnership with KCC Group has empowered them with the necessary tools and insights to redefine their marketing approach, establish a strong online presence, attract their target audience, and drive long-term growth.

“We’re extremely pleased with the results achieved through our partnership with black&blanco. Their expertise and tailored marketing strategy have significantly elevated our brand.”

Optimising KCC Group’s website to increase conversions, improve user-experience, and enhance online presence.

A visually appealing and high-performing website in today’s digital landscape is a must! We provided website development and ongoing optimisation services to KCC Group, resulting in an high performing and user-friendly online platform.

The optimised website not only captures visitors’ attention but has also many performance improvements. Such as, significantly improved loading speed, reduced bounce rates, and increased conversions. In turn, this has led to enhanced user experience and ultimately, business growth.

Higher organic ranking on Google search results for KCC Group’s most profitable keywords and search terms.

Securing a higher ranking on Google search results is crucial for businesses to gain visibility and attract organic traffic. So, as a key priority, we implemented effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies that would elevate KCC Group’s online presence.

And through these targeted SEO techniques and optimisation practices, we have successfully increased KCC Group’s Google ranking. This has ensured they’re easily discoverable online by potential customers who are actively searching for their services.

Engaging KCC Group’s target audience with compelling content that resonates with them and keeps them coming back from more.

To captivate and connect with their audience, KCC Group needed compelling and engaging content and at black&blanco we stepped in with our expertise in content creation and 3D video production.

By tailoring this specifically to KCC Group’s target audience and industry, we developed impactful content that resonated with both their existing and potential customers.

Additionally, through 3D video production, we elevated KCC Group’s brand image, leaving a lasting impression on their audience and generating increased interest and engagement.

Capturing KCC Group’s prospects with effective customer targeting strategies that result in more quality leads.

Understanding their customer base and targeting the right audience is essential for business growth. We assisted KCC Group in developing effective customer targeting strategies through Google remarketing campaigns.

By analysing data, market trends, and customer behaviour, we helped KCC Group to target their resources and efforts towards the most promising prospects. This customer-centric approach resulted in higher conversion rates and ultimately, more leads.


  • 60% increase in organic traffic and improved brand visibility
  • 70% increase in customer engagement metrics
  • 25% increase in the number of website conversions
  • Google impressions increased by a massive 222%
  • 60+ key terms ranking on page 1 of Google
  • The entire website position on Google has moved up by 48%

Through the development and execution of an effective marketing strategy. The optimisation of their website. The employment of impactful SEO practices. The implementation of customer targeting techniques. And the creation of engaging and compelling content. KCC Group have experienced a marketing transformation that has revolutionised their business.

Services provided:
Marketing Planning/Strategy
Website Development & Maintenance
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Google Ads and Google Remarketing
Content Creation and 3D Video Production

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